Environtec Solution

Environtec Solution provides products and services for the marine and off shore aquaculture industry.

Environtec Solution developed and successfullly launched the Multipurpose ROV in 2012. It is designed to clean ship hulls without use of chemicals and without polluting the environment. The Multipurpose ROV was developed in co-operation with Norway Research Council as part of the industrial research and development program.

During the launch, one of IRD partners, GAC entered into an agreement to create GAC Environhull LTD. Environtec Solution remained responsible for the development and production of the equipment, while the new company GAC Environhull LTD was in charge of providing the services from its headquarters in Jebel Ali in Dubai.

Marketplace acceptance was so strong that Environtec Solution followed up with the first HullWiper in July 2012. The second generation HullWiper (HW02) was launched in 2013. In 2014, Environtec Solution will complete the development of a deep-water ROV and hope to release new fish cage cleaning equipment.