Dec 6, 2013

HW02-02 is shipped!

HW02-02 was sent to Gac Environhull LTD Tuesday Desember 3rd 2013
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Posted by: Natascha

Environtec worked hard and intensively on the HW02-02, but on Tuesday, December 3rd it was finally ready for departure.
It was a relieved crew who saw the HW02 well of, an early winter cold Tuesday morning in Norway.


The Production was initiated in April 2013 and the Hullwiper was fully tested in a separate pool just days before dispatch. It has been an exciting and interesting process, slightly interrupted by moving to new premises in Høgås Technology Park in May / June 2013.

HW02-02 is the last delivery of his generation and ends to a certain extent a semi-automated chapter.

2 x 3rd generation ROVs have already begun in the workshop in Høgås. These ROVs with their new design are also semi-automated but prepared for fully automated operation. They will serve as test objects for the new concept, so there is no doubt that hectic activity will color Environtec AS well into the future.