The philosophy of Environtec Solution is to develop products for the marine industry, based on the expertise and experience (which grows on a daily bases), to increase efficiency, be cost-effective and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Multipurpose ROV:

The first product, the Multipurpose ROV was a development project in cooperation with GAC designed to create an interest in the market and within the shipping industry. This led to the establishment of GAC Environhull LTD (GEH) in 2010. The intention of this cooperation between the companies was to have GEH perform the service while Environtec Solution were to build the equipment. The HW01 is the direct result of this cooperation.


The HW01 was first used in Oct. 2012. The HW01 is a semi-automatic ROV used in GAC Environhull to clean seagoing vessels. A second HW01 was ordered after only 3 months due to the increased workload. As the design of the HW02 was ready, we decided to merge the two. The second HW01 was named HW02-02 and is a semi-automatic ROV prepared for fully automated operation.


The succes of the HW01 inspired Robert Andersen to experiment with a fully automatic ROV. This new product, the HW02, was designed and developed in the spring of 2012. Prototypes are being experimented with now. The production of the HW02 began in 2013 with the first 2 products scheduled for spring 2014. They are named HW03 and HW04 and are estimated ready for delivery medio march 2014.


Environtec Solution has designed a ROV for cleaning fish cages and domes. It will be named Dome-Clean or Bio-Clean. It is scheduled for release as production capacity increases.


Environtec Solution was proud to present the HullWiper to the global market. The HW01 was a further developed Multipurpose ROV with, amongst others, a new and patented cleaning disc, which improved the functioning of the HW01. The result was a vessel in a new and compact design, where demand on stability and operational performance was in a class of its own. The product is primarily intended for the shipping industry but Environtec Solution is considering revising or customizing it to other maritime industries too.