The shipping industry faces daily major challenges safeguarding the transportation of goods while at the same time minimizing the environmental impact of emissions and other pollutants. The shipping industry is responsible for 2,7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Even a small reduction in these emissions will have a significant environmental benefit. In addition, if the emissions reduction strategies can result in increased efficiencies, the industry would generate significant cost savings that would positively impact the overall finacial position.

Environte Solutionc has the technology and expertise to ensure the industry's financial prosperity through cost savings, while still ensuring environmental compliance by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Environtec's system meets inside port restrictions and approval for cleaning operations - a rarity in the industry. The cleaning process is completed during load/unloading; thereby, ensuring no excess downtime. The cleaning operation is done entirely with seawater and without the use of toxic chemicals. Surplus material from the cleaning operation are collected and funneled to surface before returning the filtered seawater back into sea.